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About FitPunch

Fit Punch is a fitness and fun community to debunk myths and know what honestly works when there is a whole lot of buzz!

Howdy Homies! Welcome to the Fit Punch community!

It’s not a long by-gone era when people were still heathy without putting an avocado over everything.

Don’t take me wrong!

Sure avocados are great but if its an export fruit for your country you need not dig marts for it. The point is eating anything over and over again is neither fun nor fulfills the needs of the body. What we rather need is something that we can work with for the entire life. Varying with seasons, taste it with love and cherish the life we got.

Today we all have one opinion on everything from calories, cardio, and workouts to keto, paleo, and other diets and hacks. With too much information, it has become more difficult to follow a fitness regime to suit our lifestyle. Especially if you’re in desk job like me and not in professional fitness.

In this blog, you will find unique thoughts on fitness trends and insight on what works for good!

No click-bait, but fun, fitness and fabulous lifestyle. Also a few times we will take dips in cringe and would check out some tricks and hacks.

H! there, it’s your girl behind Fit Punch: Chandni Gupta

An engineer by profession and a competitive fitness enthusiast on the flip side. I love to travel like you won’t 😛 😀 . I live in India while the current state keeps changing, my hometown is Patna, Bihar. In 2019 I experienced Burn-out syndrome which was quite bad. It is another fancy name for what you can call being not able to handle work stress. It was then followed by anxiety and depression. But I think I came out pretty strong.

The journey was full of ups and downs. I was tough to handle at times trapped in fears and all sorts of negative thoughts occupying my mind. But my comeback was great owing to my loving family, peers, and my hunger for strength.

Note: I am not a certified health care professional of any kind and share my personal experiences.

Also, I had a weight loss thing. Here’s a peak to my weightloss after and before in the same attire. Although to look for images in between you can scroll my account. Behind that shredded body, came out a peaceful mind and soul.

~I believe truly ~

Lifting weights doesn’t make women huge. Eating cupcakes rather do.

While we all have a different story to fitness. Mine is to look athletic and stay energetic and fit for all what heart desires to do.

In that transition period with reactions from colleagues like crazy and changes in personal outlook, I learned pretty fun things and messed around. In this blog, you might get to check out some of those social experiments. I believe no trainer can know your body better than you.

Fitness is not just aesthetic! It is pure self-love! And with personal experience, I can say if you love yourself the way you love your loved ones. You would never feel the need for reassurance by anyone ever.

Start with YOU and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Send me some love or an experience you had that changed your life!

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