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Coffee Diet Honest Review for the Crack and Fags are too bad for you

Last updated on 16th March 2020

Coffee Diet | Weight loss | Fags Hack | Coffee Scrub | Downside | Verdict

Cafés give you a déjà brew?

The coffee diet surely works! But one doesn’t choose this unhealthy pleasure, rather it seems to pick us. The coffee and cigarette can unarguably be the most economical and yet appealing breakfast for the rat race runners. A sip with a fag and it could ease you far into the day without a hassle.

Black Coffee Owl
Owl you needed is Coffee and it’s kicking!

Coffee Diet hacked with Fags

Though for the french women, coffee with cigarettes and cigars are the feminine secrets to the ‘never goes fat’ attribute. As witnessed by Brightonyourhealth author spending years in France, these women flaunt their coffee cigarette diet as they do their Parisian scarf and pearl sets. The key behind being the discipline as what she calls is,

“Two Cigarettes A Week!”

Nicotine can trim us down for fact but the smoke is no good. Plenty of model fishes in the World sea are owing their success body to crack-cocaine, cigarettes and a ritual to black coffee. There is a load of untold truths, our glamorous influencers would never let us know. This is how physiques are maintained says, Ruby Mathews at Foxnews.

No, I am not advocating my voice to follow this why-so-lucrative hack. The black coffee diet for weight loss can alone do the trick! Black Coffee is just another crack, for those of us who won’t get our hands dirty. Living in a metropolitan, you surely know someplace serving coffee at 4 a.m. Do you know which other place lits up at that time? Cracks and Dope! There I said it!

Black Coffee for Weight Loss

If you ever cared to read out some of the pre-workout supplements, you couldn’t help noticing the common grind over the high caffeine grounds. Coffee is calorie-free until you pour in the dairy and sugars. Coffee kicks you with an adrenaline rush and spikes the dopamine levels in your brain just like a drug but with lower intensity.

If you need to set the right mood for your workout, try doing black coffee shots around 45 minutes before hitting the gym. I witnessed a huge difference in my energy levels, so would you. For the practitioners of intermittent fasting, black coffee can be a great start of the day. Research states coffee improves metabolism and also suppresses hunger spikes, cravings and the fetish to binge.

Coffee Diet

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants, with a freshly brewed cup being full of essential nutrients. It induces thermogenesis hereby fueling fat for meeting body energy needs, says Mayo Clinic. Variations from flavored to iced coffee drinks can also be a great replacement for soda, energy drinks, and other beverages. With a lower calorie count, you can go for a minimum of 3 cups (720ml) to as much coffee as you want on a coffee diet says DrArnot in his book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet”.

Black coffee with sugar free sweeteners

It is also advised to switch one meal with a green smoothie and follow meal plans with an 1500 calorie intake. The mantra behind the diet is to go low on fat and high on fiber. My take would be oats and banana pancakes with scrambled eggs, by far the easiest ones.

Going calorie-restrictive with a coffee diet might pace up the weight loss. But the chances of gaining back the weight is always there, as you switch back to higher calorie meals. Hereby making long term lifestyle changes is the only way to flaunt a waistline.

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Have you tried the coffee scrub?

Working your way to a healthier lifestyle is the only hack you have got on life. And those who follow a fitness regime, know well what the yoga mat does to the skin. There is nothing as nasty as a combination of sweat and dirt while your pores are open drains. You might be familiar with workout triggered acne and dry skin. Coffee can not only hype up your workouts but also works wonder for the skin aftercare.

Fresh coffee grounds are the best exfoliants for rejuvenating the dull skin and bringing back a youthful glow. Coffee scrubs help regulate blood circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can try a coffee scrub, next time you shower. Mix a batch of coffee ground, brown sugar and coconut oil in equal quantity and scrub away the dead skin gently.

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Magic Coffee and Downsides

Nothing in excess does good, same is the case of coffee. Coffee is known to lower risks like type-2 diabetes and maybe Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Although an excess can also result in spiked blood pressure, insomnia and weaker bones. A healthier option is to limit caffeine to 400mg or 4cups of coffee.

You can also choose to switch to decaffeinated coffee, but it too comes with its side effects. The decaf coffee is often produced from high-fat, caffeine-free coffee beans which may be harmful to the heart. As always, a something-free product doesn’t work well in the long run.

Verdict on Weight Loss with Coffee Diet

I have been a hardcore coffee lover for most of my college and after story. Taking the cream and sugar out of my coffee surely takes away most of the fun. So I have never been able to keep my hands off it completely though I thrive to create a balance. I trick going black before my workout and lip smack lattes for evening treats. Though ripping dairy and sugars off my list has worked great for me earlier. I prefer a more laid back attitude with some unholy pleasures now, as it eases the long journey. Black Coffee might not be the best hack to lose weight, but it is surely one to boost the overall process. Drop a pop if you liked what you read.

Words can never expresso, how much you bean to me!


  1. Winnie Winnie 13th February 2020

    whoah! I almost replaced my honey pot for a coffee mug but thanks for the downsides though! Power of black rocks! .. and so do you!

    • Gupta Chandni Gupta Chandni Post author | 13th February 2020

      Don’t loose your fun hun. Keep that honey cup along with that black mug. The two can go well along 😄

      Loads of love and power to you winnie🥰

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