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Coronavirus – Useful Info on Covid-19 approved by WHO

Last updated on 30th April 2020

Coronavirus outbreak was recently declared as a pandemic by WHO i.e. an epidemic that is spreading throughout the world. Though the Covid19 is not as deadly as its old counterparts, lack of knowledge can prove to be fatal. WHO has come up with clear instructions, to avoid panicking and hoax circulation that has been going on for a while. Let us gain some real insights and say no to the WhatsApp knowledge.

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Corona beers even face the scrutiny

Mask Do’s | Myth Busters | Common Queries | Workplace Discipline | Final Say

Got Your Mask Covered?

Turns out we are running mask stocks out crazily while neglecting its vitality case. Not all of us need to use a mask. Only those around infected people or developing symptoms are mostly required to wear a mask. Also, to avoid the virus seep into our body there are clear usage instructions as depicted in the below tiles.

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How to correctly use a mask to avoid Covid 19?

Clean your hands thoroughly using plenty of soaps or alcohol-based hand sanitizer

The good news is even your ordinary soap can be beneficial in the fight against coronavirus. Cleaning hands with plenty of soap and water following a rubbing of more than 20 sec can do the needful. Using alcohol-based sanitizers can as well prove to be efficient.

Cover your mouth and nose with the mask

Ensure there ain’t any gaps between your face and the mask.

Discarding the mask

Make sure not to touch the front of the mask while removal and discard the mask in closed bins. Repeat cleaning the hands afterward.

Corona Virus Myths Busted

Social Media is a double-edged sword, and there ain’t any exception for the case of coronavirus widespread myths of all varieties. Mishandled information is a deadly bet. Take a look at the debunked myths below that clearly do not abide.

Common questions on coronavirus as provided by WHO

All sorts of media are currently flooding with questions popping over, yet the answers do need validation. Look at the common queries as answered by a not compromised source.

Workplace discipline against Coronavirus spread

The chaos has been widespread. The economy has been shutting down across the world with everything taking a halt from school, colleges to mass gathering places like events and public places. Yet many of the workplaces are still open for business. There is an urgent need to take safety measures as directed.

Points to Ponder?

Well, None Left! Scroll up and make sure you read all of those this time 😛


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