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Dalgona Coffee Gets Viral, Though ‘Phenti hui’ Coffee Existed For Ages – Shall We Make It Better?

Dalgona coffee trend is viral
Dalgona Coffee

I was not amazed when another old remake got viral. We are the children of the Remixed generation. And any modest stuff with least worth can get popular with a redo. For normality doesn’t excite millennials any more but unknown influencers doing random things does.

Earlier when our haldi doodh turned into Turmeric Latte? We took it there.

When the nimbu paani got served in the name of virgin mojito! We smirked.

So we should be completely fine when another Tik Toker just took away our non-fancy ‘phenti hui’ (Beaten) coffee and labeled it as Dalgona Coffee or Cloud Coffee.

My initial thoughts were that it is some new coffee brand but damn Could I be more wrong? I googled to just lose more interest. I have been whisking this coffee brew with a spoon since my Ex left me with it.

Damn You People! Obsessing over this brewed sip as if it just arrived to the brilliance now.

One Dalgona Recipe Coming Right Up!

Dalgona coffee with unique garnish
Dalgona Coffee Images shared by Priti Thakur

There is nothing new to it! You take two spoons of instant coffee and sugar in equal proportions and whisk it quickly with another two spoons of warm water. Beat it continuously till the sugar blends in and the mixture becomes frothy. There you got the smooth coffee whip.

Dunk in some ice-cubes and pour in some milk in a decorative glass. Yes, the glass needs to be fancy as you are sure to put a snap online!

Now layer the top with the whipped fluffy coffee mixture and tell me what difference did it make to your life. You still need to stir everything down to unity before it can be your cold coffee. Even then it might not do justice over a regular cold coffee.

The Buzz about the cloud Coffee sip

The only difference in our version and theirs is that we pour our milk over the mixture and it tastes way better. I am sorry people I still adore my regular ‘phenti hui’ coffee that goes straight to heart and belly without any bling.

Yet I can’t deny, only someone living under the rock can miss coming across this crazy trend shared across every social media platform. Starting from TikTok this trend has moved to Facebook, Instagram and wait for a little before you see some crazy launch on this trend.

It is apparently COVID 19 and a lot of time in hand to spare, hence we can’t even blame the netizens. They are just trying to bring Starbucks back home. The original video that I was able to track has got more than 11 million whooping views by this time.

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On a personal note, the recipe and overall preparation are simple and easy. Yet there are many impatient ranters still not being able to take command on this recipe.

Try something similar yet better?

If you have to take your sips to another level, try some better variations of Dalgona coffee, or rather switch up some elements.

If you are a non-coffee lover and have been missing on the trend, try this Dalgona Milo or Dalgona Matcha recipe.

Experiment Mode On

You can also turn some tables adding a few drops of vanilla essence and a dash of salt to the coffee whip. Try adding honey or brown sugar garnish, and spice your Dalgona with some cinnamon-ginger powder. Milk can also be substituted with almond or soya milk to add to the diversity. Though recipes have been Tiktok tested on the go and I don’t assure any of the turn-outs.

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I have to agree that that creativity is flooding in with people adding citrus elements to the Dalgona coffee mash-up. The trick is to add orange peel infused hot water into the coffee powder and the rest recipe stays the same. I can try that surely.

Well with enough time to spend, trends like this are still a boon if it tricks us to stay indoors and busy. A quick call to my IT friend revealed that the lockdown is still another gimmick for mockery. While they are taking more work to their homes.

Coffee GIF by Meph - Find & Share on GIPHY
Blessed with Brew

Lost connections, down-servers, and sick team members make them stay up all night on calls and virtual meetings. When hours are passing asking clients “If they are audible?” and whether their shared screen is visible. They surely need more and more coffee. Or need to try moving a limb or two?

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Shoot me a picture if you too tried hands on this viral trending coffee. Untill then stay indoors and stay safe.

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