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Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch, which should you buy?

Last updated on 24th January 2020

Smartwatch | Fitness Trackers | Best of Both | Verdict

Play relaxing music on your smartwatch, or measure how relaxed are you on your fitness tracker! As millennials are turning fitness-conscious each day, so are the gadgets.

Smartwatch Or Fitness Tracker? Need help on your take?

Smartwatch caters to the need of the tech-savvy young generation. For people who are always on the go, a smartwatch acts like a miniature extension of a smartphone to be worn on the wrist. Powered by Google’s Wear OS or Apple’s watchOS, these multi-purpose wearables are power packaged with smart features.

While for the fitness enthusiasts who love to focus on their fitness regime and have a track of all their physical activities throughout their day, a fitness tracker or a fitness band is the best suitor.

Would you like to know your BMI?

study by PubMed revealed that fitness trackers do help increase physical activity amongst the users. It also serves as an effective tool for health professionals to monitor and support their goals. Another study by PMC on older adults suggested that using fitness trackers can encourage physical activity, especially first time users.

Fitness progress tracking
Progress in physical activity using fitness trackers

Let’s compare the pros and cons of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker in details as below


Pros: Mini smartphone on the go

Apple smartwatch
  • Get notifications like calls, texts, calendar events, or those of social media on your wrist.
  • Connect with all your favorite apps to never have a FOMO!
  • Stylish and fun design, to flaunt a fashion statement on all occasions
  • A multipurpose gadget with innumerable features and connectivity
  • Can connect with different apps for fitness tracking


  • Constant notifications might get distractive
  • Multi-tasking can cause fast battery drainage
  • Can’t facilitate sport-specific activity tracking

Fitness Tracker

Pros: Personal Fitness Guide

  • Special gizmos or sensors to monitor activity-specific data such as walking steps, running distances, swimming laps, calories sleeping patterns, heart rate, etc. to portray user’s physical wellbeing.
  • Whole workout, as well as sport-specific tracking, can be done with ease
  • Assists to top your fitness game, and are relatively cheaper than smartwatches


  • Not as such, just more a specific segment
  • Less customizability

Want the best of both worlds?

Lately, both segments have started to make space for more power-packing with smartwatches upgrading to built-in fitness tracking features like heart rate monitoring, thermometers, etc. As well on the flip side, some fitness bands have started to incorporate basic smart features with large screens.

Blurring the gap, Wear OS has facilitated apps to be loaded directly to the smartwatches with Bluetooth and WiFi connection enabling, making the wearables quite stand alone. Users can now connect to their activity and purpose-specific apps like a calorie counter or a cycling monitor based on personal prioritization without any smartphone nearby. Apple has also done a great job with WatchOS for fitness tracking and monitoring. Though the catch here is, it still requires to be paired with the iPhone.

Not often do fitness trackers offer a great display as not being their immediate concern, which is opposite to the case of smartwatches using smartphone-like backlit LCDs or OLEDs, in the market. Some smartwatches even flaunt AMOLED and PMOLED displays. However, Fitbit Charge 3 launch challenged the notion with a superb quality OLED display and thus has been dominating the market.


Everything hereby boils down to individual preferences, as there is certainly one wearable for you that lets you stand out of the crowd. There is a variety to choose amongst, with criteria from being an all-rounder to a one-track-minded player or just a fun tech-savvy looking for a bold statement.

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