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How to make your own sanitizer in times of shortages like now?

Last updated on 21st March 2020


Many of us have been aware by now about the atrocities visible in the near future. Well, Coronavirus seems nature’s way of yelling “fuck you” in our faces. Black marketing has been at its top play. Basic commodities are going out of stock while those still available and upshot with higher price tags. The situation is tense, and might even uptrend. The times have never been this unpredictable, not since the world wars at least.

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While countries and services are shutting down and the governments have been stressing enough on the new buzz word social distancing. Netizens are yet wondering if it’s just another overreaction. Only one thing is sure in these uncertain times that closing your eyes won’t scare off the alarm.

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PM Modi’s Public Addressal

Agreeably, panicking is not the resort but yet awareness is. Acknowledging the worldwide issue, PM Modi has also urged Indian nationals for a self curfew on Sunday, staying indoors between 7 am to 9 pm, cutting off the spread cycle of Coronavirus in the nation. While the novel pandemic is still on Stage 2 in India, necessary steps within the time span can surely lay footprints for governance over the spread of the virus.

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Addressing the nation, he proposed citizens to show compassion for fellow citizens and spread the buzz on social distancing to lessen the impact of coronavirus. He also urged the higher income groups of India, to not enforce any kind of financial stress on the lower group people linked to them economically, following cut in wages for to their inability to render services in these days. Reassuring people that the government is undertaking necessary steps and there would be enough supply of essentials, PM Modi also cautioned citizens against hoarding and panic buying.

The test run on Sunday, March 22 can be helpful toward getting people more used to self-isolation. “At 5 pm, we will stand at our balconies, windows or doors for 5 minutes and we will applaud those maintaining essential services by ringing bells, sounding sirens and clapping…,” he added.”I want the next few weeks from you, I want your time,” he further added laying emphasis on the need of the hour and urged for support and determined collective efforts.

Hollywood to Bollywood

The whole star community has also been spreading the word and I wish to take the moment to quote a few lines from the video added by Indian Youth Actor Kartik Aryan on Instagram.

Ghar pe kaam karo na. Ghar se Kaam karo na, Ghar ke kaam karo na. Family k saath time spend karo na, dosto se mat milo na, abi shadi to mat plan karo na. Hand wash karo na, face touch mat karo na,

Corona se daro na.


As markets are getting short on personal hygiene products and specially sanitizers and face masks, some social aholes can’t help making quick bucks on the public woes. Following old similar trends, four such were busted by cops in Noida for manufacturing fake sanitizers and face mask, probably the major consumable commodities these days in quantities over 5,000 face masks and around 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizers.

Coronavirus Live Status Map

Anyway, there ain’t much need to buy sanitizers but for working-class people, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is surely a must.


Making your own alcohol-based hand sanitizer only requires a few ingredients:

girl holding sanitizer
Sanitizers are goody-good
  1. Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume)
  2. Aloe vera gel
  3. Essential oil or lemon juice

According to the CDC, you only need to ensure a 2:1 proportion of alcohol to aloe vera to make it effective for removing germs. The ratio calls for a 60 percent alcohol base that can kill most of the germs.

Hand sanitizer recipe

Take a 3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and add 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel to it in a clean glass container. Mixing it with a spoon, add 10 drops of essential oils and whisk it till it turns to a gel-like consistency. Store in a clean dry container.

Image shared by Mandira Chaudhary
Image shared by Mandira Chaudhary

If you are also less on face masks which should ideally be disposed of off after every use, you can also watch this cool DIY on mask making. These self-made masks are as efficient as the market ones if not better.


If this article was anyway helpful, please hit a like or share your thoughts down below. Also, surely drop by any suggestions or criticism you have on the related ongoing issue. Ensure personal hygiene, do a namaste and stay safe!


  1. Mandira Mandira 21st March 2020

    Thanks for the share! It has been very informative. Also you can use 70% ethanol with half cup of distilled water or mineral water mix with alovera extract and add 4 vitamin C capsules into it , which is added as a need to add preservative or else it would end up giving a foul smell!! Well after adding all these compositions you’re homemade sanitizer is ready to use!

    • Gupta Chandni Gupta Chandni Post author | 22nd March 2020

      Thanks for the amazing share. Yes while planning a bulk batch you can use alcohol and water mix. With more moisture content you should definitely add it preservatives.

  2. Párth Sáháy Párth Sáháy 18th June 2020

    Very nice …. I’ll try to do as it is written above

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