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7 Surprising Reasons Why Summer is Weight Loss Season and 5 ways you might be inhibiting that!

Depending on the region you’re living as native, you might love or hate summers! Irrespective of the differences, summer is an undeniable weight loss season. Surely adopting a better lifestyle, and including regular exercise is a must. But summer can be a gamechanger.

Top Reasons for summers being your best bet on weight loss

Summers can fast track your game. Let’s give you some factual reasons top put forward your best efforts, and kick start that overdue fitness regime.

flaunt in summer

Reasons you might gain weight during summers | Weight Loss Tips During Summer

Suppressed mood binges

While Winters are dreamy for foodies to indulge in more comfort food and simply more heavy food. A study at the University of Pittsburgh claims people crave carbs more during Winters. Cold is generally the weather to increase fat intake and wine and dine, be it butter tossed parathas, halwas, or spicy heavy carbs. Summers not only keep away mood food binge but we also have better options.

Slower Digestion during summer

Studies reveal that during summer, the digestion process turns slow and our body takes more time to digest food. This ultimately scares away food cravings and helps to manage weight.

Summer appetite
Summer Eat Outs

Summers suppress your appetite

Leaving out the cold delicacies, Summers often suppress us of our desires to eat. Even after workout sessions you might feel less prone to raid the kitchen during the warm season. Burning calories rage, while the intake is low. What could be better than that?

Sweat burns fat

Less workout tends to sweat more and burn more fat off during the warm season as sweat accelerates fast. Loss of fluid takes us one step closer too…

Drinking more liquids

juice for Weight loss
Juices are savior

Hydration is an imminent step towards fitness and weight loss goals, yet most of the time we fail to do the easy part. Thirst is continuously high during summer due to the hot climate we tend to consume more water and juicy fruits. Regular intake of liquid not only sways away hunger pangs but also keeps us satiated and fuller for a long time.

Activated happy hormones

The serotonin levels are known as the happy hormones of our bodies. These hormones remain at its peak during summer and drive an energetic approach to remain focused on regular exercises and drive better weight loss results. It inculcates the desire to look and feel good and achieve a good body shape.

weight loss activities
Happy Summer Bath

Sun’s Out Guns Out

While bikini season can not only be the motivation factor to flaunt weight-loss efforts after the winters are gone. Trying a bikini itself before hitting the beach positively impacts the efforts to look and feel good. Undoubtedly we all have our moments of regret of not looking our best and indeed sometimes that negative thought can be the greatest boost.

Showing more skin during summers brings out all the insecurities and in turn drives us to shed those extra weights. A small study published in  Body Image revealed that women in the study considered wearing a bathing suit extremely uncomfortable as being not happy with their body image.

Another similar study in the International Journal of Psychological Studies noted a surprising 60 percent of women acknowledged those thoughts with plans to eat healthy for the next weeks and try to lose weight rather than to change the fittings.

While there are plenty of reasons to trigger your weight loss during summers, you can still end up gaining weight! If that has been the case check for the below pointers that might be diminishing your chances of weight loss.

Top 5 reasons you might be gaining weight during summers

Prominent and the boldest written reason is printed right behind the labels of your refreshing beverages and salad dressings. Surprisingly the healthy claimed ones are in fact high in calories and contain loads of fat.

Sugary drinks and varieties of Tea

Profuse sweating caused dehydration and we reach back fora long glass of lemonade, sugared iced tea, and glucose. But it turns out we are feeding on more and more sugar only. Yes indeed glucose is sugar!

sugar drinks

The seemingly healthy drink available in markets can be full of calories you might be sipping unknowingly. The best alternative is to make your own drinks and be precise about what is going inside. Beer intake can also give you more than 200 calories along with the infamous ‘beer belly’.

Frozen yogurt and desert delicacies

We think to be doing oneself a healthy favor while we choose frozen yogurt over ice-creams assuming the yogurt to be yogurt… Well not really. Frozen yogurt carries hidden sugars and calories and really a lot of it. It might be rich in protein, but every cup is also another super bowl of sugar dessert, topped with the negligible benefit of probiotic that we get from natural yogurt.

Hyped Healthy salads

Salad literally equals to fiber and nutrients and low calories. This is what we expect from salad ain’t it? What we miss to leave unattended with the creamy dressings we brought from the market is the number of carbs.

Often filled with cold cream and more often with refined flour (maida) is low in fiber and has many other detriments on the body. As small as four tablespoons of dressing can add up to 400 calories! Way too much for the freshness bowl of yours.

Heat equals outside Eat

How many times did you end up ordering the food instead of cooking to avoid the heat? More than often right? Cooking in summer can be an ordeal. The better dining experience and bright colorful days also take us out to binge on various delicacy to taste a little of everything on the table. Summers being a symbol of the colors, red, orange, and yellow induce hunger! Yes it does! Ever noticed the restaurant logos?

summer eat out

Exercising might get difficult when it gets ‘too hot to handle

Peak summer days give blue to even the trailblazers of fitness and people tend to take a break from their regular workout habits when the weather gets too hot. Winds of Loo, restrict coming out for walks and run and it sweats like insane. The scorching sun might rip off all energy from the body and it can have adverse effects. Though we must stick to morning and evening schedules and stick to the plan as much as possible.

So what should you indeed do to make the best of this summer and get better weight loss results?

Weight Loss Tips During Summer

Add the Summer basket to your plate! Nature seems to be very generous while offering us the food we need for the seasons. Summer is also the season for numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables that induce weight loss.

Fruits and veggies you should have during the summer to lose weight:

Watermelon and musk melon
Cucumber and Kakri
Gourd veggies

You can indeed make fruit lollies, salads, and juices to skip the packaged high calories sugar treats! Take out the grill and make some epic combination of fruit and veggie grills. Pineapple and watermelons with bell peppers are legit. Also add superfoods like chia seeds, lemons, oranges, berries, grapes as they have a good amount of vitamins and antioxidants to add to the weight loss regime.

Try this amazing drink for weight loss. Battle the heat with refreshing aam panna and even sattu( roasted gram powdered) with can be your best yet cheap protein drink!

And above all Get out and have fun Indulge in fun activities and outdoor games de-stress yourself from the constant all work no play! Plan a vacation, Go trekking, Dive in water sports, Surf, Camp, or retreat to yoga poses for weight loss with fun.

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